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In this short demo, experience Fallen Angel's core gameplay.

Take the role of Lucifer and explore a twisted version of heaven. 

The game features a dynamic jumping mechanic that allows for air combat and three-dimensional level exploration within a 2D game.

Hack and slash through heaven, consume the Archangels' power, and confront your creator.



  • Movement: WASD
  • Attack: Left Click
  • Dodge: Space
  • Jump: Hold Space
  • Heal: E
  • Ability: Shift


  • Movement: Left Stick
  • Attack: X
  • Dodge: RB
  • Jump: Hold A
  • Heal: B
  • Ability: Right trigger

Install instructions

Extract and run the .exe


Fallen Angel WIP Alpha Demo.zip 148 MB

Development log


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Loved it. Very nice demo. Looks and feels great. Very polished for pre-alpha. So glad for controller support. Only wish it was finished so I could play the whole game now.

Thank you for playing! We're making a host of new updates and content over the next few months, check out our twitter page for updates. https://twitter.com/matrioshkagames

The visuals and controller support are really nice. The platform jumping and combat felt a bit difficult. Overall very promising, especially for a pre-alpha! 

Thanks, keep an eye out, we're about to update the game over the next week and drop some fresh, hot content!

That's a really cool concept - I love the visuals and animations.
One thing I couldn't stand while playing the demo is that the mouse doesn't lock to the game screen (made me click out of the window and die a few times). Collision with the symbol-pillars also is a bit weird and sometimes sends you upwards really fast.

Overall - really cool, can't wait to see more! Good luck with the development!

Thanks for the feedback! The windowed mode does have an issue with clicking out, it will be fixed in a future build