Fallen Angel: The War in Heaven is a combat-runner mini-game.  Fight as Lucifer as he rebels against Heaven's Army.

Enjoy while the ARPG Fallen Angel is in development!


  • Up: Jump
  • Down: Smash
  • Space: Attack
  • Shift: Use ultimate


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over all a nice game the sound is a bit loud th

simple operation and it's too loud.  qwq

Fantastic game, both visually and from a design prospect. There's a bit of a difficulty spike between the first and second level, but that's a minor gripe.

I did encounter a glitch, however; while playing through the third level, I got eaten by the worm thing and the whole game froze. Had to refresh and start over >_<

Great job!

Fun game.The sprites are top notch.The flying angel that shoots circles is OP though.